Grace Like Rain is a group of Contractors who assist any Contractor in need of assistance under the guise of a bookstore chain called, "Readers Paradise" with several stores with names like "Graphic Novel Planet", "Leaf by Leaf" and "Read N' Trade". Hikaru Kurosaki is the founder and leader of Grace Like Rain. Currently, there are 109 store locations around the world, most predominantly in America topping off at 35 stores.

Jobs Edit

  1. Hide any and all Contractors on the hitlist of the Syndicate.
  2. Provide Contractors with materials to leave the country they are in if in danger.
  3. Provide jobs at any bookstore a Contractor is near if they can stay in that area.
  4. Piss off Hi.

Stores Edit

  • Graphic Novel Planet
    • America: 10 Stores
    • Austrailia: 7 Stores
    • Britain: 2 Stores
    • Egypt: 1 Store
    • Germany: 1 Store
    • Japan: 7 Stores
  • Leaf by Leaf
    • America: 12 Stores
    • Austrailia: 8 Stores
    • Britain: 5 Stores
    • Egypt: 3 Stores
    • Germany: 4 Stores
    • Japan: 5 Stores
  • Read N' Trade
    • America: 13 Stores
    • Austrailia: 7 Stores
    • Britain 6 Stores
    • Egypt: 2 Stores
    • Germany: 10 Stores
    • Japan: 6 Stores

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