Hôjin Hitokiri (Japanese Assasination) was a former group within the Syndicate specializing in hunting down rogue Contractors in Japan.

Background Edit

After the events in Darker Than Black: The Black Contractor, The Syndicate decided to send another Contractor group in to assassinate BK-201. This team was led by ZZ-999, a contractor with the ability to manipulate his blood. In the background, however, 2 other contractors with the same codename ZZ-999 assisted the first ZZ-999 in attempting to eliminate BK-201. This threw the police off, giving ZZ-999 an easy way to attack Hei. What the Syndicate didn't plan on was BK-201 revealing to ZZ-999 the First the plans the Syndicate had for all Contractors. ZZ-999 the First accepted BK-201's story without a problem. In actuality, ZZ-999 the First wanted to hear what had happened at Hell's Gate from the one who stopped the experiment. ZZ-999, now going by his birth name Hikaru, defected from the Syndicate along with most of the Houjin Hitokiri except for 2.

Members Edit

Former Members Edit

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