The Heaven's Gate (地獄門(ヘルズ·ゲート) Heruzu Gēto) is another chaotic area of space that appeared in South America and disappeared five years before the beginning of the the first season, seven years before the fanon, along with everything in a 1500 km radius around it. Its exact nature at this point is unknown in the series. Its appearance apparently started a large-scale war, one in which Great Britain and Argentina participated. Amber, Havoc, Hei, and his sister Pai, were involved in the War and were adversely affected by the Heaven's Gate's sudden disappearance. The area where the gate was has become inaccessible. Interestingly enough, Heaven's Gate and Hell's Gate are located on opposite ends of the globe and are considered exact opposites of each other. Takeshi has stated that Heaven's Gate has reappeared somewhere in America.

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