Kashiro is a top-class contractor which was a strategic mercenary in the past.He seems to have a double personality,also that brings him double powers.His Messier Code is:ST514 (Es Te Go-ichi-yon ).


ST514 was developed to be a mercenary from his first few years,killing 5 people untill reaching the age of 10 years.After the Gate's appear,he became a contractor,being hired by many agencies including:CIA,MI6 and was also a prominent member of Evening Primorse until he gave up on it stating that "It served a purpose too noble to be fulfilled".He was a contractor everyone in the criminal underworld feared and hated.That helped him learn how to mask his feelings along with his "other side".Things to be said about the other part of him are that it is much more sadic and has no mercy,unlike the real Kashiro.Even if their minds go grieve in different ways,they are not in a destructive opposition,helping the body fulfill its assigned tasks.More information about ST514 is still to come...


Power:ST514's powers vary proportional to the personality that takes control over the body.However,both powers relyon soul manipulation.The "normal" side has the power to control their target's every single aspect of existence after touching him/her.Examples are:Demand death for them or control them.

Remunerations:Along with double powers,double obeisances must come.If ST514 uses his power then he is fated to make a deep cut through his skin.