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Race Human
Birthday August 18th
Gender Male
Height 6'3"
Weight 129 lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Italian Radical Movement
Base of Operations Italy
Personal Status
Education Doctorate

Codename Rook (飛車, hisha) formerly known as Tobi Ouja (王者 飛び, Ouja Tobi) is a Japanese-Italian member of the Italian Radical Movement. Not aware of his leader and fellow members being Contractors he has become a powerful ally to Christopher.

Appearance Edit

A tall young looking man with a timid smile, Rook has straight worn down brown hair and brown eyes. His eyes are quite shifty, giving him a sly persona. He wears a white dress shirt with a brown coat over it, with pants to match. Concealed in his coat, has shown to be multiple knives.

Personality Edit

A sarcastic but proud individual who has a distinct hatred for Contractors. Appearing as a sly, good for nothing man Rook harbors a deep hatred for Contractor's stemming back to the death of his family during an incident involving a Contractor and the Syndicate. When he confronts of a Contractor, his entire persona changes becoming engulfed in fury and utilizing his skill in knives to try and kill them.

Despite his odd behavior and personality, he was once a calm and simple man. A loving father and man of high morals, Rook would watch his children grow and reach high school. After an incident after a forced evacuation from Tokyo, his wife and children were murdered by a Contractor who believed them to be Syndicate allies. This changed his outlook on life, acting very "immoral" opposing his former nature.

Abilities Edit

  • Skilled Knife Thrower: As shown, his main form of combat has shown to be the throwing of small sharpened daggers that he hides within his dress coat. Having pin point accuracy, he calmly states it "runs in his family." and has proven to kill multiple opposing enemies with these throwing knives alone.
  • Skilled Fighter: Well versed in multiple forms of martial arts, he is quite fond of the use of a mixture of Western styled Boxing and his own flare. He has shown to quickly strike his opponents, focusing around disarming and bringing them to the ground.

Equipment Edit

  • Throwing Knives: Concealing a wide array of throwing knives within his dress coat pocket(s), he carries a large amount in case the situation calls for them.

History Edit

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Behind the Scenes Edit

The Codename Rook stems from Christopher X., despite his skill in multiple languages misreading Tobi Ouja as the first kanji of Rook is 飛 also the firs kanji of Fly translated as Tobi. The name Rook also seems to stem from his role as the strong support of the Italian Radical Movement, constantly pushing forward despite the obstacle.